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For artists, scholars, and art enthusiasts interested in modern and contemporary American works on paper, AboutDrawing provides a unique resource for study and exploration. With a focus on the New York-based drawing collection of Werner H. Kramarsky, this site hosts a comprehensive selection of images, essays, artists’ biographies, and other information about artists and exhibitions associated with the collection.

AboutDrawing also acts as an interactive companion to the definitive volume on the Kramarsky collection, 560 Broadway: A New York Drawing Collection at Work, 1991-2006, edited by Amy Eshoo and published by Yale University Press in February 2008. An engaging reflection on the fifteen years that the collection was headquartered at 560 Broadway in SoHo, this book documents one collector’s contributions to the careers of many emerging New York artists and to the contemporary art world at large.

Both AboutDrawing and 560 Broadway detail, in particular, Wynn Kramarsky’s extensive history of donations to public arts institutions across the country. The site currently limits its scope to materials connected to those artists whose work has been donated. Site visitors may explore images of donated work online and can use the site’s resources to locate objects at their home institutions.

About the Collection

The Kramarsky drawing collection is the result of more than sixty years of interest in Minimal, Conceptual, and Post-Minimal American drawings. With an intuitive attraction to the raw materials and intimate processes involved in making a drawing, a continued interest in developing supportive relationships with artists, and, above all, a commitment to careful looking, Wynn Kramarsky has amassed nearly three thousand works of art, more than half of which have subsequently been donated to museums and other public institutions.

For more information about the Kramarsky Collection and the exhibition space at 560 Broadway, please see 560 Broadway.

For a bibliography on the collection and 560 Broadway, please see Bibliography.

How can I use AboutDrawing.org?

AboutDrawing exists to serve a variety of users. We hope that you will find the site engaging, interactive, and informative.

For selected information on the artists in the collection, please see Artists, where you will find a list of artists in the collection whose work has been donated to museums. Browse artists alphabetically by last name to access images of their work, biographies and bibliographies, and both thematic and descriptive essays.

To view artwork details, select an individual image and choose one of three magnifications from the toolbar along the lower edge of the screen. Explore the image by clicking its center and scrolling in any direction with your mouse.

Essays lists catalogue essays and scholarly texts on artists, artworks, and exhibitions associated with the collection. Full citations appear at the bottom of each text. Please note that citations from these texts should be properly credited.

For a listing of exhibitions held at 560 Broadway and at other spaces in conjunction with the Kramarsky collection, please see Exhibitions. Each exhibition has its own page, with access to images, catalogue essays, and a list of participating artists.

AboutDrawing is at an early stage of development. Please note that we will be making frequent changes to the site throughout the next few months.